Various Artists - U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance)

Various Artists - U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance)

Opal Tapes 

The Russian electronic scene is alive and well, and it’s not likely to change for a while. Lipelis, Art Crime, Buttechno, Machine Woman, Kito Jempere, Lapti.. a wealth of names sweeping the whole spectrum of dance music from end to end, consistently remapping the boundaries between floor-focused rhythms and uncleared horizons of electronic possibilities.

Well aware of the effervescence at work from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, Vanguard pushers Opal Tapes decided to take the bull by the horns and enlisted Kazan-based producer Kirill aka YancityGurl as curator of the very special ‘U S S R‘ compilation project – also contributing a track to the tape and providing the quality of insight that so often lacks through the well-tried thematic approach.

Over a window of three months, YancityGurl garnered cuts from all over the Russian territory in order to shed light upon the Soviet scene’s most exciting prospects – leaving the final selection up to label honcho Stephen Bishop.