VA - Missing And Exploited Children 2x12"

VA - Missing And Exploited Children 2x12"

24 EUR

Breathing Problem Productions

Power electronics and Industrial from 8 artists in the United States Of America.

MP, Climax Denial, Wonderland Club, Deterge, Mania, Striations, Interracial Sex and Interior One.

Originally conceputlized in January 2018. BPP contacted each artist and all had agreed within the span of a few days. It felt important to document this specific era in the underground noise community. Abstract ideas, personal tracks, true crime, post mortem, heavy electronics, field recordings...For those with a very specific taste. All projects working at the peak of their artistic output. Not to be missed.

Double LP with 4 panel gatefold art by BPP. Also contains a 16 page oversized (8.5 x 11) full color and BW booklet containing art by each project plus more...

Mastered by J.Stillings


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