[ттøтε 011] Secular Identity - New Jersey Turnpike CS

[ттøтε 011] Secular Identity - New Jersey Turnpike CS

Jacob Dubois (Hymenal Opening, Pale Skin Dark Circles, Vanitism etc.) utilises primitive electronics abuse and crude sampling techniques to challenge socio-political topics on this new release. The use of minimal synth tones, distorted vocals and lo-fi samples bring to mind acts like Bruno Cossano, Kwajongens In Bloei, Odal & Streicher. 

Thematically this tape covers Black Panther Party member Assata Shakur. The racial tensions and the conflicts they cause have once again become frighteningly relevant in recent times. 

C20 Limited to 55 hand-numbered copies with pro-printed covers on heavy weight paper as well as printed tape labels.