[ттøтε 003] Pyswarfare -  Throw Away The Ocean 7"

[ттøтε 003] Pyswarfare - Throw Away The Ocean 7"

6.66 EUR
The Tide of the End is honoured to present to the world 'Throw Away the Ocean' by PSYWARFARE, the noise project of INTEGRITY mastermind Dwid Hellion. This 7" EP consists of six tracks recorded in the 1990s, now seeing the light of day in June 2015.

A legendary project in its own right, Psywarfare has also previously joined forces with groundbreaking acts such as Merzbow, Masonna, and most recently Full of Hell. 'Throw Away The Ocean' displays the incredible versatility of the Psywarfare project, and comes enclosed in beautiful artwork by Dwid Hellion, visually contextualising the music within.

This is a must-have for all collectors and connoisseurs of Holy Terrorism, or anyone who appreciates harsh noise. 150 copies pressed on black vinyl, 100 copies pressed on yellow vinyl, 50 copies pressed on green vinyl.

Side A:
1. Edgewater Fog
2. Tongue Box Set to Chi Chi
3. Knee-Deep in the Matmos)

Side B:
4. See You Before Seventeen*
5. Throw Away The Ocean**
6. What A Day***
* Featuring Lisa Covelli
** Featuring Bill 'Snakedick' Covelli
*** Featuring Sydney Covelli, Max McLimans, Sabrina McLimans