[PP001] Salò Mentale - SM ULTRA CS

[PP001] Salò Mentale - SM ULTRA CS

The first part of  'Poldermodel Produkties'. PP functions as a subseries of ттøтε with the goal to showcase the history of industrial music within the Netherlands & Belgium. This first output has been discussed for almost two years. All decisions concerning the project have been made with the input of Anthony Blokdijk, the founder and only consistent factor of Salò Mentale. 

The cassette compiles compilation tracks as well as unreleased material from between 1988 and 1992. Over 45 minutes of newly discovered material effectively showcases the context that spawned these compilation tracks. Throughout the 85 minutes of sound that fills this cassette the different sounds and influences of SM blend into a true monument of industrial experimentalism. Heavy rhythmic dirges co-exist with freakishly played traditional instrumentation and minimal sound experiments to create their signature sound. 

Salò Mentale was founded in 1984 and has since contributed to the industrial scene through various incarnations and collaborations with amongst others the legendary Unit Moebius (Bunker Records). Influenced heavily by the likes of Throbbing Gristle they have for years embodied the term industrial music within the Netherlands and especially The Hague. We're happy to present these lost artifacts of their past in the form of this cassette that comes packaged in an oversized case with a written text by Anthony Blokdijk himself as well as some extra info and pictures.