Pleasure Island - Special Forces 12"

Pleasure Island - Special Forces 12"

18 EUR
Breathing Problem Produtions

In 2015 I heard Pleasure Island's Special Forces cassette originally released on Chondritic Sound. I was blown away at it's aural and conceptual marvels. While fiercely militant and with odes to the masters of heavy electronics it also had haunting moments of ambient minimalist meditation . It felt like the perfect kind of noise enigma, allowing the listener to take cues, lyrics, images and other hints to ascertain a meaning. I ended up reading for hours about the Olympic bombing of 1996 and beyond. It contained all the things that made industrial and noise so special to me.

BPP is proud to have released this album. It has been remastered by J.Stillings and comes with a full color glossy 12 page booklet filled with art and writing from Pleasure Island.