Gondwana - Miccaotli 12"

Gondwana - Miccaotli 12"

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Following his previous appearance as Gondwana on Opal Tapes back in 2015, Andrea Taeggi returns to the label with a new mini-album of spellbinding constructions from the outer-reaches.

Taeggi is best known for his work alongside Koenraad Ecker in Lumisokea. It’s a productive partnership that has yielded numerous albums for the likes of Eat Concrete and ALTER as well as multiple Opal offerings, including last year’s Transmissions From Revarsavr. Under his own name, Taeggi also released the Mama Matrix Most Mysterious LP on Type two years ago.

The same intensive level of detail found in the Lumisokea productions permeates Miccaotli, with Taeggi’s distinctive rhythmic approaches and sound palette making this a release as engaging as it is adventurous. Clattering, mutant breakbeat flaring flirts with zippy synthesis on “Huehueteotl” before the more intimate shuffle and rattle of “Cipacti”, its kitchen sink percussion falling prey to crafty edits and FX swells. “Tlaloc” grows from sparse beginnings to meet with stark lead hooks that shine out amongst the razor sharp beat programming.

Hyper-modern breakbeat science looms once more on Side B opener “Quetzalcoatl”, and continues apace into the intricate roll of “Miccaotli”, where dazzling daubs of synths splay out between the urgent thrust of the drums. “Tezontle” closes proceedings with a snaking approach that equally champions infinitesimal sound design and hard-rocking, idiosyncratic groove.

There’s a consistent style that shapes out Miccaotli, and it once again demonstrates the great technical skill Taeggi is capable of deploying in the studio. Fortunately the results of his endeavours are as utterly thrilling to listen to as they are advanced.
Gondwana - Miccaotli (OPAL099)
Out March 3rd. LP & Digital.
released March 3, 2017

All sounds from Andrea Taeggi
Mastered by Daniele Antezza at Artefacts Mastering, Berlin
Cover art by Alison Darby