Breathing Problem - Reactive Attachment Disorder CS

Breathing Problem - Reactive Attachment Disorder CS

Breathing Problem Productions

R.A.D. was the first BP full length to be created with multiple collaborators. Mason Tucker and Skyler McGlothlin helped usher in an era of ice cold institutionalized post industrial annihilation . Dedicated to complicated women. Dedicated to women who are or were cutters, drug addicts, satanists, suicide watch, crying uncontrollably, auditory hallucinations, homicidal ideation, talk therapy, family therapy, juvenile hall, bulimia, karen carpenter, goths from 1998, heavy eye make up, girls in 1997 who dressed like courtney love etc

remaster by jack control

5 panel double sided full color art and lyrics on matte paper. pro duplication. each copy shrink-wrapped.

50 copies made. 

sound sample: