Breathing Problem / No Heat 12"

Breathing Problem / No Heat 12"

17 EUR


Split 12" between Breathing Problem and No Heat.

Breathing Problem release two new and lengthy tracks (their first since the Topaz CS from 2016). A mix of dark ambient dirge, minimalistic sound collage, organic harsh noise sampling but with a constant reminder of power electronic vocal obsessiveness that they never stray too far from. Both tracks repurpose and manipulate sounds from natural disasters. Organic Industrial Commotion indeed.

No Heat offer up a 15 minute journey. Buzzing and humming broken dystopian industrial sickness. Comparisons to Throbbing Gristle and Boy Dirt Car are not off base. A Crumbling soundscape straight out of modern America.

comes with two double sided 11x17 poster style inserts with additional artwork by both projects.