[ттøтε 008] Mei Zhiyong / Dave Phillips Split CS

Human nature has proven to be both repulsive and mesmerizing on countless occasions. As a species that prides itself in its developed state of being humanity is balancing a fine line between acquired so-called morality and its still present primal instincts. This constant struggle is intensified by socio-political and economic obstacles. The feeling of superiority quickly fades after the destructiveness of its race is put into perspective.

Both works presented on this release perfectly capture an inner struggle embedded in this poisonous existence. One of participating in a society that has lost empathy for its surrounding. Being aware of one's surroundings as well as one's impact upon them. Opening up to one's own imperfection before putting the blame on others. A cry for like-minded peers, one last battle against the impending burden of a secluded life within an exponentially growing society. A quest towards utopia. One worth sacrificing one's own being knowing it will never become reality.

The passion that fuels these pieces is omni-present in every single fibre of sound. Having spent some time with Dave Phillips and Mei Zhiyong on their European tour one can only conclude this passion forges a bond capable of overcoming any challenge life may present. Regardless of cultural differences, physical distance and linguistic barriers it creates an instant connection that fills one's heart with joy & hope. It breaches gaps between generations, rekindles fires that seemed to have gone out long before. It is this passion that is capable of connecting both morality and instinct, enabling individuals to truly contribute to their surroundings.

Mei Zhiyong (Changchun, China) has quickly proven to be an essential part of the contemporary noise/experimental scene in China. After various collaborations with Torturing Nurse and a number of tours in Asia last year marked his first European visit, a tour alongside Dave Phillips including a show at the infamous LUFF Festival. Mei explores physicality by utilizing his own body as a tool to channel thoughts and sound. In the process he rids himself of the contradictions between voice and body, body and mind. On this recording, through the use of tape manipulation and extreme soundprocessing, he presents a warbled view of reality that delves so far into abstraction it puts its content completely within the perception of the listener.

Dave Phillips (Zürich, Switzerland) has been digesting extremities through sound since the mid 80's in a variety of projects ranging from proto-grindcore outfit Fear of God to his participation in the Schimpfluch-Gruppe as well as a vast body of solo work. After years of development he has crafted a signature sound that embodies sharp compositional techniques and an almost brutalist method of processing sound. The piece presented on this release is a live-recording showcasing his high intensity sound sculptures and their emotive qualities in their purest form.

C42 Limited to 60 copies with pro-printed covers on heavy weight paper as well as printed and hand-stamped tape labels. Each copy includes a hand-numbered piece of a pamphlet used in Dave Phillip's Screamscape performance.